I am so proud that Americans have come this far. I think there's a long way to go and certainly I have my own wishes for this election today.

But just for now, I am proud. This very moment I have felt something that I haven't felt in a really long time. I'm proud to be American. I'm proud to live in a country that had females campaigning for the presidency and vice presidency. I'm proud that an African American has the opportunity to become the next president.

I know there is a lot of hate in this world. Not everyone is ready for the changes that inevitably will happen and not everyone is accepting of people who are different than them.

For the last eight years, the United States have been trapped. Maybe more than the last eight years. I haven't felt happy to be American. It's not unpatriotic. There are things I absolutely love about this country but a lot of that has been clouded by the war, by the negativity of the news, by how politicians act, by how this country has done less and less for its people, by extremist views - by a million things.

I can tell you, from living in Canada for twelve years - eight of those twelve governed by George Bush/Dick Chaney/etc etc etc - Canadians do not look highly upon Americans. Canadians get about 90% or more American television stations. They're really aware of the government here sometimes more than their own. Those aforementioned clouding factors? Between scandals of Clinton and Bush's reaction to 9/11? The view of the American people has turned into one large stereotype. We look to our leaders to represent us and our views and the people who have led us have not been diverse.

It is disappointing to see that my views - my beliefs - are not being represented. It is horrifying to me that we have come so far just to take steps backwards in Women's Rights and Gay Rights.

The horrors that this country has been through for the last few years are things I can barely believe happened. It is still so surreal to me that when I go to New York I will never see those twin towers again. It is heartbreaking. It's utterly heartbreaking what has happened to this country.

I want to live in a place where I have rights. I want to live in a place where my children and their children will have rights.

There is no doubt if you know me, you know who I voted for in this election. Even though my views are not congruent with Republican views, I know people who's views do. Republicans have gotten a hell of a lot of flack people online and just because I don't believe that voting that way will bring what I want doesn't mean that they aren't voting because that's what's best for them. It's an election and the point is that we're ALL allowed to have our individual opinions. Thank you for voting. God, thank you so much for voting WHOEVER you vote for.

We're going out there. We're making a difference. One vote does count. The rest of the world is waiting for us.

Today, no matter what the outcome, I am going to be proud.

Thank you.


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