You know, I like being a drama free zone, but right now I'm just that ticked that I don't care what kind of drama I bring. I was pushed too far and this is my snap. Here, livejournal, behold the glory of hypocrisy. Since these comments, originally made in Court's livejournal by Court and Nora, were in a public post, I'm just going to assume that they didn't really care whether or not the world could see them. I have support from Fawn to post her comments as well. I've made screenshots of the e-mail that was sent my way. The last is part of a conversation I had with Court tonight. I take all responsibility for posting this. I'm doing it with the knowledge of the drama it can and will bring. Truth hurts, baby, and this is me bringing it on.

Screenshots of comments under cut. )

I have no idea what record we're supposedly keeping. And, you know, this isn't to pick any fight with you, but maybe the next time you two talk about someone, do it in a private post. Or you know, don't do it at all.

You might just reveal your true colors.

While I don't particularly care if any of the people I write suck or not, since I enjoy playing them and I play with people who enjoy them as well, I do care that Fawn was attacked just for standing up for what is right. She stood up for me and no one was given the chance to be outright enraged for what was said to her - words that are infinitely worse. I'm not a nice person. I am a bitch as evidence by this post. But I'm not nearly as despicable as this.

Here you go: Public post. Nothing screened and nothing said behind anyone's back.

Grow the fuck up. Get over yourselves. We all had a nice laugh at your expense.

Toodles, bitches!

P.S. The irony kicker! )


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