every time you close your eyes - a jaccob/tristan mix )

Tristan's father was never there while he was growing up. In fact, he was raised entirely by his mother until he was six, when she was brutally murdered in front of him. Possibly the only seeds of goodness in him were planted by her, but that time has long since past and he is not that same little boy anymore.

He went from foster family to foster family, many of them abusive, before finally running away completely at sixteen exhausted by a system that didn't work and that only served to punish him for wrongs he didn't commit and excuse him for ones he did.

Tristan is cold and hardened from life and he grew up too fast - as well as with the idea that anything he wanted he would have to take.

After leaving his last home and running into some bad luck with the law, he met Jaccob - a werewolf, equally dissatisfied with life. He never felt close enough to anyone, but somehow Jaccob slipped in. A companion and a lover, Jaccob changed Tristan and taught him everything he needed to know - including a painful lesson of not getting too attached, a lesson Tristan has never quite grasped.

Jaccob taught Tristan how to fight, breathe and kill.

I suggest looking at [livejournal.com profile] heselfdestructs (Jaccob) and [livejournal.com profile] iam_undying (Tristan) if you really want to know more.

Most of you will probably look at this insane post and pass it over. Tell me, however, if you download the songs.



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